AeroPel Icephobic

The most efficient anti-icing solution available

AeroPel Icephobic solves the need for an efficient, icephobic coating to combat ice and snow accumulation that can halt or negatively impact operations in the Aerospace Industry.

Operations and infrastructure in commercial aviation, aerospace, wind turbines, power transmission & cables, railways, marine/navy, and more, all must deal with ice-related operational impacts that can result in millions of dollars being spent on repairs, delays, damages, and compensations.

AeroPel Icephobic creates an ultra low ice adhesion substrate with corrosion-preventing, nano-structured characteristics for substrates exposed to the harshest conditions.¬† Lab and field tested to evaluate performance in prevention of ice build-up and minimizing of galvanic corrosion, the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory called AeroPel Icephobic ‘the best icephobic coating (they had) ever tested.’

The aviation industry in particular is heavily impacted by complications from icing. Galvanic corrosion is caused when two dissimilar metals with wide difference in electrochemical potential is in contact that triggers an electrochemical reaction causing the readily oxidizing metal to corrode.

anti-icing processing of aircraft wing in airport

Possible solutions for eliminating galvanic corrosion include coatings to minimize the electrochemical potential difference, or the addition of passivating layers to minimize any moisture driven electrochemical reaction. AeroPel was tested with commercial aviation partners over eight months on aircraft operating in highly corrosive, inter-island environments. The components that were treated with AeroPel exhibited no signs of corrosion or color change over those eight months.

Oceanit’s AeroPel is optimized to minimize icing and corrosion in aluminum components in the aircraft. AeroPel¬†imparts extreme levels of superhydrophobicity through a proprietary, nanomaterial based composite coating, which provides unparalleled water and ice repulsion. Benefits include:

  • Excellent water and ice repellency suitable for any weather conditions (snow, rain, & ice)
  • Superior corrosion protection in highly corrosive marine environments
  • Applicable on various geometries and intricate components
  • unprecedented reduction in ice adhesion strength on metal and composite surfaces
  • Stable and functional in extreme conditions
  • Improves overall operations efficiency and provides long-term savings
receding angle aeropel
Aeropel-Icephobic graph