Corrosion Protection

AeroPel APW100, 200, and 300 Series NPL deliver exceptional omniphobic surface to protect against corrosion for metallic airframe structures and components including MIC for fuel tanks, while reducing surface friction to improve airflow in ECS ducting, and more.

Ice Protection

AeroPel APC200 and APC400 Series NPL offer superhydrophobic surfaces that limit ice nucleation and reduce ice adhesion strength by several orders of magnitude below any other available technologies.

Extreme Stability

AeroPel NPL is stable and functional in extreme environments, up to 400° Fahrenheit (204°C) and under extreme UV exposure levels.

Airframe Protection

Corrosion: One of the biggest challenges in airframe maintenance

Airframe corrosion, and the efforts to maintain a robust corrosion prevention and control program, can be a significant and hidden cost for any operator. While advancements have been made, multiple protective measures can still fail sequentially over time allowing corrosion to occur. AeroPel NPL offers the aviation industry a 21st century solution to turn corrosion into history!

AeroPel APW100 Series Product Sheet

Ice Protection

Unprecedented Superhydrophobic Surface Limiting Ice Nucleation

AeroPel NPL Ice Protection Series

Key Performance Properties for Surface with AeroPel NPL Applied

Water droplet contact angle >160° (compared to approximately 80° on bare substrate)

Receding angle of water droplet is >130° (compared to approximately 60° on bare substrate)

Roll off angle is <10°

Ice adhesion strength is 0.71 psi (5.1 kPa) compared to bare substrate which is > 174 psi (1200 kPa)

Operating temperature is -58 to 480° F (-50 to 250° C)

Extensive Testing: Developed specifically for the aviation industry, AeroPel NPL was tested by the Air Force Research Laboratory and US Army Corps of Engineers Cold Region Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL). The US Army CRREL called AeroPel NPL “the best icephobic coating (they had) ever tested”.

How AeroPel NPL Ice Protection Works

AeroPel NPL Ice Protection Series creates superhydrophobic surface to limit ice nucleation and significantly reduce ice adhesion strength

AeroPel Products

AeroPel NPL Family and Applications

AeroPel NPL is a surface designed to repel moisture and fluid for corrosion prevention, reduce surface friction for enhanced fluid flow, limit ice nucleation for ice protection, and minimize ice/snow accumulation for ease of de-icing.

The AeroPel NPL family includes Airframe Protection Series, ECS Protection & Enhancement Series, Fuel Tank Protection Series, and Ice Protection Series. Click below to learn more.

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