Ice Protection

Unprecedented Superhydrophobic Surface Limiting Ice Nucleation

AeroPel NPL Ice Protection Series

Key Performance Properties for Surface with AeroPel NPL Applied

Water droplet contact angle >160° (compared to approximately 80° on bare substrate)

Receding angle of water droplet is >130° (compared to approximately 60° on bare substrate)

Roll off angle is <10°

Ice adhesion strength is 0.71 psi (5.1 kPa) compared to bare substrate which is > 174 psi (1200 kPa)

Operating temperature is -58 to 480° F (-50 to 250° C)

Extensive Testing: Developed specifically for the aviation industry, AeroPel NPL was tested by the Air Force Research Laboratory and US Army Corps of Engineers Cold Region Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL). The US Army CRREL called AeroPel NPL “the best icephobic coating (they had) ever tested”.